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  • K-Mom First Baby Skin uses eco cert organic ingredients and helps to balance baby's skin with PH 5.5 formula! The most gentle, non sticky skin care formula to lock in baby's natural skin moisture, without harmful ingredients. Comes in all in one hair body wash, lotion and cream.
  • Steps 1 step. Shampoo and shower wash step 2. Gel lotion step 3. Moisturizing lotion step 4. Moisturizing cream
  • You will maintain a balanced PH balance for your baby’s skin by following the steps above.
  • First wash the baby with shampoo and shower wash.
  • Secondly, apply the gel losion to cool the skin after bathing.
  • Thirdly, apply moisturising loskirt and cream to moisten the skin as much as possible.
  • Maintaining skin moisture is especially important.
  • The first cream for special irrigation and cold air.
  • Suitable from +0 years of age.
  • Quantity 50ml/1,69fl.oz Textured non-sticky, extra-deep moisturising Eco certified ingredients produced by cosid, jojoba seed oil
  • Validity 30 month
  • Cooking party South Korea ECO certified ingredients
  • Organic and certified extracts are included in skin care products to keep baby and children’s skin healthy, strong and protected.
  • The little ones get used to it and then they’re willing to brush their teeth. Two types of brushes in one set allow you to train and clean on different surfaces. Massage and strengthen the gums, making it easier to shoot the first, healthier teeth. The baby needs practice and skills before daily cleaning of teeth. Start with Mother – K essential oral cleansing products to ensure healthy oral hygiene and care
  • • the softness of 100% purified water
  • • certified 100% cotton
  • • 2 piece package for convenient
  • • sterilized individually wrapped package
  • • V shape cutting
  • • 7.5cm x 7.5cm
  • Mother-K Pacifier is made with 100% premium silicone in Korea. Non toxic silicone material can be sterilized in hot water. Integrated design with no joints makes cleaning easier, no trapping of water, dirt, bacteria. Hole as handle, creates comfort through thumb sucking actions & makes holding easier with single finger.
  • Massage and cleaning. Two types of silicone brushes are put on the finger for teeth and gums. Made of elastic, soft 100% silicone, which massages and cleanses without any irritation. Brushes have a case to ensure hygiene and comfort when carrying with you
  • This tooth wipes consist of 30 individual sachet of wipe. It used high pressure and high temperature steam sterilization. Production according to quasi-drug standard.
  • Ingredients: 100% pure water without additives, preservatives and chemicals. Safe to use in baby's mouth.
  • It is made from Benizee(TM) mesh fabric material which is made from cottonseed fluffy yarn. It is longer and thinner than regular cotton. So no residue will leave in baby's mouth.