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Solid Feeding
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  • Practical - Versatile 2-in1 appliance that steams and blends food, preserving the natural nutrients to create healthy and tasty dishes
  • Easy to use - one dial controls all functions making it simple to use
  • Ideal for all food types - suitable for fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, fish, etc
  • Value for money - help parents give their children nutritious homemade meals while offering savings of time and money on meal preparation
  • Durable & safe - comes with BPA Free Tritan™ Processing Bowl
  • Versatile - store and serve food and breastmilk in small portions
  • Hygienic - easy shut and open lid to maintain freshness
  • Stackable - save space
  • Safe - BPA Free and Microvawe-safe
  • Versatile – store and serve food and breastmilk in small portions
  • Hygienic – easy shut and open lid to maintain freshness
  • Stackable – save space
  • Safe – BPA Free and Microvawe-safe
  • Baby feeding suction bowl with lid, fork and spoon. Truly a complete set for parents on-the-go
  • Perfect size for little ones to encourage self-feeding and also easy for parents to hold 
  • Spoon and fork are just the right size for a baby’s grip. Tip of spoon and fork are covered for hygiene purpose.
  • Portable and can bring around easily
  • Keep your child clean during feeding time with the big catch-all pocket that easily collects any spills, drips, crumbs and solid food that slip away when your child is eating
  • Leak proof liner keeps spills from leaking through.
  • Easy to use with self adhesive tab. Just discard after using.
  • Can be attached to your child's clothes with removable adhesive tape and help to prevent his or her clothes from any stains.
  • Made from strong but soft disposable material for the comfort of your child when using.
  • Comes with a resealable package that fits well in your handbag or diaper bag. Perfect for on-the go or even to be used at home.
  • Suitable for 6 months onwards
  • Made from soft silicone for easy and comfortable feeding
  • Soft silicone tip that is gentle on baby's delicate gum
  • Just the right size for baby's mouth 
  • Ergonomically designed handle for easier holding
  • Train your child to learn to self-feed
  • Comes in set of 2
  • BPA Free 
  • Age : +4 month
  •  Great Baby teether--Relieve the teething pain
  • Great sensory tool-help baby focus while nursing
  •  Great children collection
  •  Great educational toy
  • 100% Brand New & High Quality.
  • Designed for mom to feed young children. 
  • This is a safe and Convenient Baby Feeding Tool, which is creative to combine the funtion of spoon and milk bottle.
  • With silicone bottle design, it is soft and easy to squeeze the food to feed your baby.
  • Made of high quality PP material, this feeding bottle is poisonless and tasteless.
  • This special feeding milk bottle can really make feeding easy and simple
  • Made of food grade stainless steel blades
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-rusting blades
  • Rounded blade tips to prevent accidents
  • Include hygiene cover to prevent contamination and easy portability.
  • Suitable from 0 months and up
  • Change colour if food is too hot.
  • Soft tips for baby tender gums
  • Long handle for easy feeding and easy reaching food jar
  • BPA Free
  • Material: PP
  • Suitable from 6 months and up
  • Section bowl with snap-in spoon for easy portability
  • Non-slip base and ergonomic design to make feeding easy
  • Seal tight lid
  • BPA free
  • Material: PP
  • Super soft collapsible silicone base, gentle on baby gums.
  • Designed to be able to flex and being flatten while baby taking food.
  • Long handle for easy feeding and easy reaching for food in jar.
  • Suitable from 6 months and up
  • Safe & BPA Free material 
  • F.D.A Quality Assurance, approved plastic or PE material for safety usage even food & other sanitary items. 
  • Korea Atopy Association Mark to certify it is safe for usage in cases where Eczema is concerned. 
  • Premium Material VS normal zipper bag. Less wrinkled even when being reused. 
  • Self-standing design at bottom of bag to hold more items. 
  • Slim packaging with designated opening on box allows for easy storage & convenience.
  • Easy cutting and crushing
  • Easy disassembly and cleaning
  • Cut food into small pieces easily.
  • Cut or mash food like vegetable, fruits, noodle, spaghetti, meat, potato, sweet potato and etc
  • BPA Free
  • Age : + 6 month
  • With Munchkin's portable Fresh Food Grinder, it is easy to feed baby healthy, natural homemade baby food. The Fresh Food Grinder is step 2 of an easy-to-use, 3-step process - (1) Chop & Steam, (2) Mash, and (3) Store. Munchkin's new Fresh Baby Food System has everything you need to prepare healthy, homemade baby food.
  • Holds most juice boxes and pouches
  • Helps prevent messy squirts and spills
  • Fun, Easy Grip handle design is easy for child to hold
  • To release juice box/pouch after use, just push up through the hole in the base
  • 18 Months + / BPA Free
Long handle is designed to reach the bottom of tall baby food jars
Easy Grip handle is designed to make feeding easy
Travel case makes on-the-go feeding hassle-free 4 months onward
Include 3 different color spoon with a travel case
  • 6+ months
  • Built-in suction base
  • Snap in spoon
  • Fits left or right hand
  • BPA Free
  • 4+ months
  • Non-slip base
  • Stay Fresh lid
  • BPA Free
  • Contain Hygienic travel case for storing spoon
  • Gentle on baby's tender gums
  • Suitable for 4m+ ages
  • Made from Super soft silicone 
  • Soft silicone flex weaning's flexible makes it ideal for feeding start-off solid foods.
  • Easy to clean excess food from baby's mouth
  • Deep bowl of spoon for easy scooping
  • Convenient way to feed your baby milk, formula, first pureed foods and cereals
  • Designed to make feeding time easier and less messy - plus, includes a protective cover for on-the-go
  • Simply fill the silicone bottle with the pureed food and gently squeeze until the desired amount collects on the spoon to feed baby
  • BPA Free
  • Recommended Age : From 4 Months & Above
  • Perfect for introducing new foods and textures without the risk of choking
  • Ideal whole foods (age appropriate) for the Nibbler feeder include frozen fruits, fresh fruits, ice chips, veggies, and more
  • Squeeze and Twist Locking System keeps child from opening
  • Detachable net for easy cleaning
  • BPA Free
  • Keeps kid-sized snacks inside the container, not on the floor - an excellent accessory for travel
  • Soft silicone flaps make it easy for child to grab snacks - without spilling
  • Handles are shaped for easy grasp for little hands
  • Bright colors and fun design is great for kids
  • 12 Months + / BPA Free
  • Great value with 2 suction bowls and seal tight lids
  • Integrated suction base to avoid spills and mess 
  • Various sizes ideal for different snacks 
  • Easy grip design for little ones to hold
  • BPA Free
  • * Includes bowl, fork and spoon
  • * With seal tight lid
  • * With non-skid suction ring
  • * BPA free
  • Feeding dish has two sections
  • Dish transforms as child grows
  • Special contour shape makes it easy to hold
  • Ring guides food onto spoon and provides a smooth surface for scraping extra food
  • Non-slip base and comfortable gripping area
  • Plate, ring and lid can be cleaned separately
  • Free of BPA, phthalates and PVC
  • Microwaveable and top-rack dishwasher-safe
  • Bowl opening is wide and smooth for easy access and spooning
  • Base is constructed of a soft, slide proof material
  • Won't easily tip over or slide
  • Easy to clean
  • Bowl features a curved spout to allow babies to drink directly from the bowl
  • 120ml
  • BPA/Phthalate free
  • Extra large crumb catcher
  • Soft silicone is gentle on baby’s skin
  • Two adjustable button latches
  • SGS safety certified product  and uses only FDA approved food grade material.
  • All parts are BPA free,Phthalate free, lead free, and cadmium free.
  • Funny cookie shaped lid─Making mealtime fun and special.
  • Curved rims─Helps contain food,no more over-the-edge spills from self-feeding. 
  • Handles─Designed to help moms hold on to the bowl while feeding babies.
  • Removable silicone lining─Silicone lining can be easily removed for easy cleaning.
  • Quality food grade silicone from Japan─No articificial coloring added. Heat resistance up to 200℃ / 392℉, sturdy and easy to clean.
  • Non-stick surface─Make each scoop smooth and effortless.
  • Unique suction cup─Helps secure the bowl on any smooth surfaces to prevent spills from self-feeding or accident.
  • Ergonomically designed, easy for mothers to hold.
  • Includes a spoon, a grinding container, and a cover.
  • BPA free.
  • Non-toxic ink used.  
  • The soft tip is gentle on baby's tender gums, and is easy to scoop hard-to-reach areas of plate or bowls. 
  • Soft Side:Softer side is for feeding baby, and scratch food easily and completely. 
  • Hard Side:Special design to allow mother to scratch out the food easily. 
  • SGS certified.
  • COLOR/Satisfy your baby's appetite
  • LEARNING/Ergonomically designed Easy to grip
  • STANDING/Make sure the spoon to be clean
  • SPOON/Small size special designed for your little one
  • FORK/Smooth tip designed Safe for feeding
  • STORAGE/Come with case Keep clean and hygienic when on the go
  • Age : 6m+
  • SGS certified.
  • COLOR/Satisfy your baby's appetite
  • LEARNING/Ergonomically designed Easy to grip
  • SAFE/Protect your little one from injury
  • SOFT/Gentle on gums
  • JUICE & SOUP FEEDING/Small size special designed for your little one 
  • MASHING FEEDING /Smooth tip designed Safe for feeding 
  • STORAGE/Come with case Keep clean and hygienic when on the go
  • Age : 6m+
  • SGS safety certified product, all parts are BPA free.
  • Handles designed to help moms hold on to the bowl while feeding babies.
  • PP material made is very solidly built, easy to clean.
  • Age : 6m+
  • Simba Suction Plate with Spoon & Fork set is designed especially for babies. The smooth and blunt edge  keeps babies from being hurt by sharp tableware. Extra round and thick handle design of the spoon & fork is easy for baby to grab. The safe tableware set is ideal for parents to train their babies self feeding.  
  • The unique suction pad design under the plate is convenient for the ware to fix on any tables properly to avoid spill when eating.
  • Quality food grade materials offer the best safety for baby! 
  • Ergonomically designed for babies, helps babies to learn self feeding independently and progressively. 
  • Unique suction pad, easily attached to table surface, and made of food grade material to ensure the safety and hygiene 
  • Not only prevents baby upsetting the tableware, but also provides joyful eating experience.
  • Pour 60 degree centigrade warm water to keep food warm for one hour.
  • 1 per pack
  • Available in two different pack colors
  • BPA free
  • Recommended Age: From 12 Months and Above